While you’re hitting the links, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is important. But did you know that a quality pair of sunglasses can actually improve your golf game? If you want to be able to see the ball better, maintain your depth perception, and improve your visual contrast, we’ve got sunglasses for you!

While polarized lenses aren’t usually at the top of the list for golfing sunglasses, it’s important that you do choose sunglasses with UV protection. Polarized lenses are great to reduce glare but on the golf course, polarized lenses can distort your depth perception. You should also choose a copper, dark amber, or brown color lens as these will help improve the contrast of the white ball on the green grass against the blue sky.

Finally, be sure to choose a frame that’s large enough to cover your eyes so that sunlight can’t creep in the top or sides, and also a pair of sunglasses that fits snug to your face.

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