With the seasons changing and the weather warming up, buying sunglasses is a great way to ring in the summer months. Especially in the tropical savanna climate of Southwest Florida, sunglasses are the de facto summertime accessory. A pair of shades not only provides you with protection from those brutal mid-year UV rays, but they also offer you a simple way to accent your style. Since your sunglasses are pulling double duty, it only makes sense that you put as much thought into a pair as you would a New Year’s Eve dress or that new set of golf shirts.

Now, for many of us, shopping for shades may sound as simple as going to pick up a gallon of milk. But the reality is that buying sunglasses needs a bit more attention than that. Here are 4 keys to buying the perfect pair of sunglasses:


1. Buying Sunglasses for Their Purpose

While there are many different go-to styles of basic sunglasses frames, if you’ll be spending time taking part in summertime activities, your sunglasses should be up to the task. Whether you’re a boater, a golfer, an avid tennis player, a beachgoer, or even a security officer, you’ll want to have sunglasses that are as at home during those activities as you are.

Look for frame materials and lens materials that make sense for your lifestyle – polarized lenses for boating and sport fishing, wraparound frames for golfing, and impact-resistant lenses for playing tennis. If you’re only in need of a basic pair of shades to get you through the summer, opt for lenses with a grey tint and 100% UV protection. And if you’re into reading on the beach, be sure to get lenses with a graduated coloring – frames in which the bottoms are uncoated to allow for a clear view of your book.


2. Buying Sunglasses for Your Face

If you’ve seen our Glasses Guide, you know that certain frame shapes complement different face shapes. For instance, if your face shape most closely resembles a square face shape, you’ll want to avoid rectangular frames. But if you have a heart shape face, those rectangle frames would be perfect! Check out our Glasses Guide for a better understanding of matching face shapes to frame styles.


3. Buying Sunglasses for Your Style

While the latest over-sized cheetah print designer fashion frames might be an exotic choice for the red carpet, be sure the sunglasses you choose are versatile enough to be worn with a few different outfits. Choose classic styles like aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye, or clubmasters to get the most bang for your sunglasses buck.


4. Buying Sunglasses in Person

One of the most common complaints we hear from new customers is that they bought a pair of sunglasses online that ended up either not fitting, or not looking great on their face. Buying sunglasses online, just like many other fashion items, is a gamble. Return policies can often contain hidden restocking fees or return shipping fees which means it will have cost you money to find out a pair of sunglasses weren’t the right ones for you.

Now, some people do have decent luck buying online, but the best way to avoid losing is never to have gambled in the first place! There’s just no substitute for trying on a new pair of sunglasses in person and getting advice from qualified store employees who can help you choose the perfect pair!

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